This is a place for you to share your great programming ideas or for Leaders to find resources to assist in planning an evening, a weekend or a camp program.  We hope you will share.

To have your ideas added to this page email them to

Looking for craft ideas or games?  A great resource is Pinterest.  You can sign up for an account, search “group games” and you can browse for hours through an abundance of games.  Crafts as well, search
“crafts for __ year olds”  and you will have all kinds of suggestions.
Not very musical but would like to have singing as part of your CGIT evenings?  Youtube or itunes can help you out.  Just search for the song you want and you can often find someone to sing along with or the musical accompaniment that can make singing in small groups easier.
Youtube and Instructables are also great resources if you want to do something with your group and aren’t sure how.  Want to try Yoga?  No problem, youtube has LOTS of videos for beginners of any age.  Want to know how to make duct tape messanger bags?  Instructables will give you some easy to follow tutorials.  Learn to crochet?  Youtube has you covered.
Don’t be afraid to try something new with your group, the resources are right there on your computer, tablet or phone.